#DCM Part II

I was really fucked up after DCM part 1 and am still fucked up. I really don’t feel well unless I’m fucked up.

I was on acid for my first part of DCM. I saw a bunch of shows starting with Dark Days: The Cruelty of Awareness. Terry Withers stared dark into my soul and I felt like I was in the right place.

I don’t know why, exactly,  but my whole time at DCM I just felt like a poser. I felt bad about not having gone to any of the other 17 DCMs, and I felt like everyone was looking at me as if I was wrong for not having gone to any other DCMs until now. I know a lot of that guilt happened because as I was experiencing DCM it felt like one of the most right things I’ve ever participated in. Seriously, where the fuck have I been?

The Babysitters Club was an all female ensemble and it was about being a Sugar Baby club instead of a Babysitter’s Club which is so genius I want to die just thinking about it.

3 Busy Debras came on the stage and they were just screaming and waving chairs around and every bone in my body felt determined to take the acid I had now and I took it.

There was a theatre cleaning so I decided to go outside and smoke some pot because the effects of the acid were coming on and I was feeling nervous about my choices. I saw a girl I took Improv 201 with standing at the front of the line for the next shows at Beast and I went up to her and did the trick where you tap someone’s shoulder on the side you’re not on and then trick the person into looking the wrong way for the person trying to get their attention.

I smoked the rest of my joint and went back in and was greeted by Chase & Rose. Life changing moment #1. They improvised pop songs and this is what I’ve always wanted to see. They performed what I’ve always wanted to see and I started tripping during their set. Thankfully they made lots of use of the lights.

Improv nerds came on stage next and they talked about masonic things, but I couldn’t hear or understand much because I was all the way in the back of Beast. The difficult audience. Chase and Rose were using mics so they were very easy to hear. The difference between how easy to hear Chase and Rose were and how difficult to hear Improv Nerds were was all I could think about as I tripped out to the lighting.

Then it was Funny or Die and, I swear, I saw Heaven, I saw Hell, I was in a space station. Idk what the fuck happened or what was going on, but it was Funny and Death.

Then I saw Jo Firestone get on the stage and she was going on and on about Step by Step and suddenly the projector was turned on and a bunch of improvisers were live dubbing an episode of Step by Step and it’s my favorite thing I’ve seen since Musical Improv. Like fuuuuuuuck, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. And I started tripping harder around here so all bets were off.

Everything about the universe is being revealed to me at this point. I’m just sitting all the way in the back of UCB East, tripping balls, I see Satan, I see the universe, I see humanity, I see the Queen of England. Everything is in front of me, da fuck DCM? I was legit in a rotating space station alternately being physically moved by slaves and gravity and space.

There was Confessions Part II and I was most impressed by the girl who confessed to playing Sims for 3 hours mainly because 30 minutes later I saw some Simprov. And I TRIPPED BALLS. Right before Simprov, was Finprov and everyone on stage was folding a fin over their head but I started seeing legos, and Chase and Rose mentioned Legos during their set and, did I mention, I was tripping balls!

Everything I was watching melted into itself. I saw the UCB East theatre for what it was. I saw the people on the stage being projected onto the stage as if they were in a movie. I started seeing the auras of the performers. I saw very dark people, and I saw people with rainbow auras who made everything nice. Those people were always women. I saw death and sacrifice on that stage.

I went to Beast enticed by the Zoom Intro. The Zoom intro did not disappoint. Everyone in the audience got to introduce themselves. It was cathartic and beautiful and patient.

I never noticed that in the downstairs bathroom area at Beast, there is this:


I remembered my 101 graduation show and how I was tripping balls on shrooms during that. I wonder why UCB East is such a trip friendly place.

I have a 1 beer, then make a trek to Chelsea. There was still a line at Chelsea so I went Magnet and walk in on Fuck You, We’re Locals. I think this is hilarious coincidence being a local. I was really just looking for the bathroom. I always go to Magnet and have to pee really bad. Every time. And they, seemingly, only have 1 bathroom.

I continue tripping and am feeling the effects of the illuminati. Show business! Here it is. I’ve seen it and I’m seeing it. I’ve been trying to see it for over a decade and I feel as if I’ve made progress, real progress.

I became attracted to UCB because people who have the job I want went to UCB. How does it happen. What goes on. I received all the info this weekend. I feel changed and ready and like I’m fighting for whatever reason.

The only thing I ended up seeing at Chelsea was Juggalawyers and ASMR Imrpov, both amazing. I know I missed out by not being a stander in liner. But I wanted to see shows, not stand in line.

I made the mistake of sleeping. In any future DCMs, I would say fuck u sleep. I also wouldn’t schedule work during DCM.


Author: LA

I know about that.

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