#DCM18 Part 1

Okay, I know I said I was going to go to every Asssscat until I got out of the hood.

Y’all I got out of the hood and went all the way to fucking Manchester, TN. Do You think I’d know where that was if I hadn’t gone there? It’s not that close to Nashville. I was there for Bonnaroo… for work!

And honestly I can’t tell if I’ve left Bonnaroo yet, I’m not sure what day it is but I am balls deep in #DCM18 trying to figure out… I’m supposed to sleep when?

The ASMR improv at Chelsea was clutch.

I took some acid right around 3 Busy Debras at Beast and it was literally because Alyssa Stonoha told me to do it. I don’t know how, I was sitting all the way in the back and she has no idea who I am. But she’s one of my faves from Lloyd Night.

It’s weird, I saw almost all my faves. Like my underground faves. Like I didn’t even try to look at the schedule or figure much out about what to see. I wanted to see Addie Weyrich though and I gleefully stumbled into her taco bell monster at Other Muppets at Magnet.

Honestly I was mostly just trying to find the bathrooms. Seems the safest bet for bathrooms is Beast. I haven’t tried that one random theater I’ve never heard of New York but I’ll peep their bathroom scene when I resume my #DMC18 journies.

Also, saw “Hamilton” for the first time at #dcm18 as improv/sketch from “people who’ve never seen it”. omg it was amazing.

Author: LA

I know about that.

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